It is important to understand that when we use the term “Noni” we are referring to 100% pure, aged, fermented Noni Juice.  If you want the benefits of Noni make sure you are getting 100% Noni Juice…

While its many claims and benefits sound too good to be true, if you are taking a potent and 100% pure source of Noni juice, many of them ARE TRUE! The studies and research regarding Noni and its positive benefits are astounding. It is a powerful, nutrient dense fruit that nourishes the body on all levels, while helping to balance and calm various ailments and complaints. Noni juice benefits “everything!” It energizes and invigorates you and makes you feel great while nourishing your body both inside and out. However, the Noni must be 100% pure, aged Noni juice. Don’t be fooled by sweeteners, additives, etc.

“The healing power of Noni is that it balances the human body, detoxifies the human body, supplies nutrients to the human body, and it opens up the cells.”

Dr. Lindsey Duncan

The benefits of noni juice have been shown throughout history. Remember the scenario that teachers have put to you that goes something like this… If you were stuck on a deserted tropical island what would be some of the things you would want with you? For the polynesians who had this similar question posed to them, one of their choices was noni. It’s therapeutic benefits were widely known even then and we are just rediscovering it for ourselves in our western culture today.

Noni contains over 160 powerful vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that positively affect our bodies in many profound ways, along with other unknown positive substance still to be identified. Some of these positive compounds include Acubin, Alazarin, Asperuloside and Anthraquinone, which are proven antibacterial agents. Found in the Noni fruit, these elements have shown to fortify and protect against many types of infectious bacteria, including Pseudomanas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Baacillus subtilis, Salmonella and Shigela. No wonder the ancient cultures used Noni to treat skin infections, fevers, colds, food poisoning and bacterial related illnesses.